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I’d like to personally invite YOU to be a part of transformational team which is about to bring to the world the very latest new interpersonal method in psychology  PEAT – developed by Slavinski  (Primary Energy Activation and Transformation) and mine F.A.I.R. (Free Authentic Innate Release)  with a focus on a personality change on the subconscious and unconscious level, designed for a fast integration of “baggage” (emotional blockages), to resolve traumas, past negative experiences and associations with it, behaviors and beliefs, overcome anxiety and fear​s​, transform relationships, eliminate problems, breaks​ unproductive habits and create a desired characteristics of personality traits, create​ the desired situation and goals, and much more. All ideas are welcome.
My mission is to educate/ inform as many people as I can, so they alone can transform their life and life of people they love.