Live Seminar

March 2023

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You are invited to a complementary seminar
At Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills march 14, 2023 Tuesday at 6 PM.

Besides learning more about FAIR transcendental techniques, as a gift, you will receive one of the techniques for solving physical acute pain and one technique for changing emotional state in a couple of minutes (encouraging you to apply your workshop knowledge to a real-world setting). – to cultivate newfound relationships, strengthens existing ones, and creates the opportunity for a healthy environment.

This is not a motivational, inspirational, or otherwise “fluffy” seminar. Rather, it’s a hands-on learning process where you are coached to learn methods and then apply them in your community, solving subjective issues and even treating family, and friends…. More info

America is the mecca of seminars and educational programs. But the reality is that not even the highest level of training in any field can improve our capacities if we have any unresolved or suppressed emotions from past negative experiences. These could be self-defeating patterns or self-limiting beliefs. These self-sabotaging barriers block our success in life. With the methods I teach, you can completely neutralize the issue at the core of the problem forever. F.A.I.R. is focused on the cause than on the effect. When there is no energy and emotional charge on the cause of the issue then that and all other problems in association with the same cause – disappear forever.

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  • Reg. Deadline : January 15, 2023 12:00 am
  • Venue : Beverly Hills, California