Imagine just how easier our world would be if each of us would be able to release the major emotional baggage that we carry with us everywhere we go—these burdens from suppressed thoughts and emotions which are activated automatically and compulsively in the worst possible situations when you least need it…

There are no prerequisites to learning techniques.

Approaches are practical and usable, predictable, and easy to apply to yourself and others.

Certification programs are available now for the new transcendental techniques for resolving fundamental problems in life, on an unconscious level, with immediate breakthrough results.

These primary techniques transform individuals and communities, to live more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful lives creating a stress-free environment.


Choose the most suitable therapist who will help you achieve and maintain your goals, to lead a more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful life. As an alternative to conventional clinical therapy, it is an innovative approach to solving subjective problems. Anyone wanting to solve their personal issues can benefit from it while saving money and time by avoiding years spent in therapy.


Take your reputation to the next level. Supercharge your career in psychology, psychotherapy, and counseling by adding these efficient techniques to your own practice. P.E.A.T. & F.A.I.R. T.T. techniques will give you access to the most effective way to work with your clients. You also have a lot more latitude in your own life, so you can lead by example, having the freedom to practice more self-care in your own life can help you be a better therapist. These are perfect additional techniques for professionals such as psychologists, psychotherapists, TA psychoanalysts, personal and life coaches, or anyone who is interested to add this efficient method to their own practice.


The course empowers you to become a certified practitioner and apply P.E.A.T. & F.A.I.R. T.T. to truly impact and transform diverse communities and individuals. Many participants join to become a professional practitioner and create a business career with the F.A.I.R. TT practitioner certificate. Practitioners are required to complete a minimum of 250 recorded sessions to pass the final exam and receive the F.A.I.R. TT practitioner certificate. Through the program, the practitioner gains knowledge of the practice. No previous experience or knowledge is needed in psychology or psychoanalysis. The practitioner will help and benefit themselves and their clients, while doing a noble thing for those in need. To become a practitioner of PEAT methodology one just has to purchase/attend the course.


Become trainer and introduce to your community one of the most powerful transcendental techniques for solving personal problems. When a F.A.I.R. TT practitioner has completed 500 sessions and sees the potential of this method and develops a desire to become the F.A.I.R. TT Trainer, she/he can apply for the Trainer certificate. Trainers will spread the knowledge of this technique while training practitioners. The number of trainers is limited and they are selected based on their ability to share knowledge. To become a trainer of PEAT methodology one just has to purchase/attend the course.